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KaBoom Town July 4, 2012 Revisited

August 14, 2012

While it’s pretty tough to imagine there was anyone in town didn’t come out on the 4th of July KaBoom Town celebration, as your local airport, we took the time to produce this little reminder of just a bit of what you might have missed if you weren’t hanging around close to Addison  that day. Personally, we love this place and we hope you do too. While this is our biggest annual celebration, we hold events for all members of the family all year long. If you’d like us to add you to the mailing list, just drop us a note at


KaBoom Town’s 2012 Recognitions: Forbes - Top 10 Best July 4th Fireworks DisplaysTravel Channel - Top Five July 4th DisplaysBing - Ranked #11 World’s Best Fireworks Displays

BTW, if you’re not yet an aviation aficionado just yet, this video clip might just do the trick … a Beechcraft model 18 performing a nigh-time aerobatics routine at KaBoom Town.