The perfect place for a perfect landing

Addison Airport Begins Taxiway Alpha Construction on September 24

September 18, 2012

Stage Coded DiagramStarting September 24, for the next 280 days, give or take depending on Mother Nature’s meteorological moods, operations at Addison Airport will be rerouted to accommodate the 12-stage reconstruction and improvements to and along Taxiway Alpha. Overall details of the project are on the airport website, which will be updated as work progresses. And we’ll be keeping everyone appraised here and through individual e-mails to the Addison Airport family.

Rotated so the north end is on top, this aerial photograph from the Overall Phasing Plan color codes the project’s 12 stages. Work starts with the red north aircraft holding bay. In this small area, crews have work scheduled to take 60 days. That includes reconstructing sections of pavement, building a retaining wall, relocating the access road, installing electrical improvements, and applying the pavement markings. According to the schedule, work cannot progress to the south until crews complete this initial stage.

Work on Stages II (blue) and III (yellow), scheduled for eight and three days respectively, will be concurrent. Stage II will reconstruct sections of pavement at the taxiway’s edges, overlay that pavement, and finally, apply the new markings. The Stage III area gets an overlay and new markings. Both sections get electrical improvements, with Stage III installing electrical improvements on Taxiways Golf and Hotel, and replacing the taxiway guidance signs and distance remaining signs along the runway.

In the 25 days scheduled for Stage IV, in gray, crews will remove the existing pavement, improve the drainage and the intersection with Taxiway Hotel, reconstruct other sections of pavement and overlay it. As with all the other stages, next comes electrical improvements and applying the new pavement markings.

In perfect weather, that takes the project almost to year’s end, but it all depends on Mother Nature. Given her behavior in Texas this year, work could progress without interruption, or it could suffer a month-long shutdown. Regardless of what the weather does, we urge everyone to be aware of the work underway and strive for safety in all aspect of operations as Addison Airport improves its Alpha taxiway.