The perfect place for a perfect landing

Minutes from Addison Airport, Vitruvian Lights Create Ethereal Sanctuary

December 18, 2012

9637_251243961670681_1905510614_nSince November 23, pilots and their passengers flying to and from Addison Airport at night have surely had their collective breath taken away by the millions of LED lights that have turned the nearby Vitruvian Park into an ethereal sanctuary for the holidays through New Year’s Day.

This wonderland is even more magical on the ground, where the trees filled with LEDs create a multicolored canopy. Everyone is free to drive and stroll through the magical nights of lights. For the first three Saturdays, holiday explorers found Santa Claus, enjoyed live music, exclusive holiday shopping, and seasonal treats and drinks.

Certain to become a new holiday tradition, the lights illuminate the park named for Marcus Vitruvius, a Roman architect, engineer, and writer in the century before the birth of Christ. His work inspired Leonardo da Vinci to draw the iconic Vitruvian Man, whose form is circumscribed by a circle and a square, and is also called the Canon of Proportions.

Vitruvius described the human figure as the principal source of proportion among the classical orders of architecture. Continuing this theme, following the outline of Mother Nature’s arboreal creations, the Vitruvian Lights illuminate the classical proportions of the natural world and the spirit of the season. We encourage everyone, residents and visitors alike, to take a few minutes to behold the wonder of it all.