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Addison Airport Staff Earns AAAE Digicast Airport Training Excellence Award for 2014

February 23, 2015

Darryl's Awesome Pictures 048Aviation is a dynamic industry that continually incorporates new technology and new ways of doing everyday tasks that makes them more efficient, economical, and safer. These improvements are introduced and put into practice through recurrent training, which is an aviation requirement at every level, from the cockpits of the business aircraft that fly to and from Addison Airport to the people behind the wheels of the airport’s vehicles.

For its educational efforts in 2014, the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) recognized Addison Airport and its staff with an ANTN Digicast Excellence in Airport Training Award. The airport training is efficiently conducted through concise, economical online videos and presentations on a variety of airport-specific topics.

There are 134 programs dedicated to ARFF (aircraft rescue and fire fighting), some of them featuring home state experts, like those at the DFW Fire Training Research Center, who discussed ways to improve training, and Bell Helicopter Textron, who discussed how ARFF crews can best handle incidents involving rotary wing aircraft.  Many of the 25 environmental sessions focus on the management of wildlife and its habitat.

There are 86 sessions in the Operations/Maintenance category. They cover a diverse spectrum, from the basics of airfield driving safety and preventing incursions, marking signs, and lighting, and protecting navigation aids such as the ILS, to the implications of spaceport to aviation. And it delves into seemingly mundane topics such as record keeping and “Airport Condition Reporting, or the Notices to Airmen that are a critical part of airport safety.

There are another 46 sessions in the Police/Public Safety/Security category, 65 in Administration, and 40 in the Digicast Required Training curriculum, with 24 of them mandated by Part 139, which encompasses the requirements for earning and maintaining an FAA airport operating certificate. Equally important, the Digicast system tracks an individual’s training and provides proof to regulators that they have met their recurrent training requirements.

Airport Pictures and Geekdom

February 10, 2015

If you’re one of our regular readers, viewers, customers or any of another half dozen words that describe some of the people who seem to love Addison Airport, you’ve surely noticed that our social media presence is often filled with airport photos and sometimes even a few videos either shot on the airport or very close by.

ADS Photo contest

The thanks for those memories, for the most part, must go to the airport staff since a year or two ago they were given a very specific assignment … to take airport pictures as they work through their daily tasks. That request was actually pretty easy. The second request was to be on the lookout for interesting things happening around the field … good things. While that sounds like a no-brainer to most people, for airport staff trained to make sure nothing is broken or out of place on the field, this was no small challenge. But always up for a fresh idea that keeps the ADS name out in front of people as one of the best airports in the region, if not the country, our staff began snapping pics like crazy. Within just a few weeks, our desktop folders began overflowing with shots of airplanes as they arrived and departed, pics of people who work on the airport and of course even a few shots of some of our favorite airport critters. Those turned out to be jackrabbitts … ah, the critters of course, not the people. ADS Noise Bunnies1

Then we had this crazy idea a few weeks ago that maybe we should be interacting more with those of you who use the airport. “Why not ask customers and users and other airport employees to share some of their favorite ADS picture,” we wondered. So that’s precisely what we plan on doing in the next few weeks.

But to make the effort a whole lot more fun … imagine fun at the airport … we decided to make it a contest. We’re going to call it the Addison Airport’s First Annual Photo Contest. Clever eh?