The perfect place for a perfect landing

EMAS Construction Approaching Final Phase

July 28, 2014

imageAs crews completed Phase 1 construction on the Engineered Materials Arresting System (EMAS) at Addison Airport, they also began Phase 2 work in the Runway 33’s safety area (RSA) on June 16. Depending on Mother Nature, installation of the EMAS blocks is scheduled to begin on August 4 and be complete by August 26. The project has an overall completion date of September 13.

Phase 2 builds the asphalt EMAS foundation bed, replaces a water line, installs a 4-inch fiber conduit, installs the EMAS blocks, paints the yellow chevron markings, and grades the lateral runway safety area. The ongoing Phase 1 work includes installation of the FAA electrical banks for the Runway 22 glideslope antenna and runway end identifier lights (REIL), realignment of the southwest access road near the Lindbergh Drive gate, and building the EMAS service road.

As part of the project, crews are creating a storm water retention system south of Arapaho Road near the southwest corner of the airport. Funded by the Town of Addison’s storm water fees, it will collect storm water runoff and store it for irrigation purposes later. In the illustration above, the Phase 2 work area is highlighted with diagonal lines. The Phase 1 work is outside of this area and will be completed not long after the Phase 2 work is completed with the installation of the EMAS blocks. When the project is complete, Runway 33 will have a greater useable length without increasing its overall length or width.

Video Explores Kaboom Town from All Points of View

July 14, 2014
Kaboom Town 2014 @ Addison Airport by AeroMedia Group

To get a good view of Addison’s annual Independence Day festivities, people arrive early to stake out a good Kaboom Town vantage point. Videographer Scott Slocomb does the the same thing many times over to give spectators a perspective on the show that few see first hand.

Stepping out the door of the C-47 with the Red River Skydivers provides an encompassing vista of all of Addison Airport. Watch the air show performers bob and weave their heads to keep their eyes riveted on essential visual cues on the ground that keep them on their show line as they roll, loop, and turn.

Peek at the air show performers practicing their routines on the ground, walking through each maneuver and flying their hands through a mental sky like conductors of the forthcoming aerial symphony. And the camera catches the spectators reactions, and the kids’ delight, at the performers mount their airplanes to turn practice into performance.

From the air, ground, and various mounts on their wings and tails, cameras capture the airplanes themselves, from the retired military aircraft still flying with the Cavanaugh Flight Museum to the air show performers. Landing lights glow brightly from the aircraft formations that escort day into night, and airplane-mounted pyrotechnics illuminate the night show performers, Dan Buchanan and Gene Soucy. Tethered hot air balloons glow in the night before the fireworks finale celebrates America’s birthday.