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Sometimes Airports are Just Plane Fun

Here at Addison, we spend an enormous amount of time and effort telling almost anyone who’ll listen that this is not just a place where planes takeoff and land, but that it’s also a pretty valuable piece of real estate … about 25% of the real estate that forms our town in fact. That means our stories should be pretty important to everyone because the airport helps keep local taxes low while providing hundreds of jobs and hence, millions of dollars in economic impact to the area.

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog — and our thanks to the hundreds of you who are — you’ve probably heard all of this before though because our Economic Impact story is one of the key methods we use to make sure the community understands our value.

Oh ho hum! Sometimes talking business can become … well, a tad dull and boring no matter how important we think we are.

Luckily, every July 4th season Addison Airport becomes one of the most fun places in America. And that’s not just us talking. The Travel ChannelADS KaBoom calls Addison’s KaBoom Town Fireworks display one of the best around. The American Pyrotechnic Association – the organization that certifies our fireworks people – call Addison’s Kaboom Town one of the Top 10 fireworks displays in the entire United States as a matter of fact. Pretty impressive …

Of course for the hundreds of thousands of local Addison people who come out to watch KaBoom Town each year, you know there’s more to the show than just an exciting bunch of loud, colorful fireworks. KaBoom Town is about airplanes after all … dozens of them in all shapes and sizes and colors. All of them come together once a year to create another portion of the show — the airshow part — that everyone stays to watch as daylight turns to evening.

This year our friend Scott Slocum from AeroMedia Group outdid himself with a blend of spectacular airplanes and people shots … great color and yes, some astounding airplane noise. All of it together creates a truly unbelievable experience for anyone who calls themselves a true airplane geek and perhaps for even a few who still are not quite sure.

So sit back and spend the next 3 1/2 minutes with us reliving the best of Addison Airport’s Kaboom Town 2013.

Addison Airport Intern Completes UNT Aviation Logistics Degree Requirement

CarlosTo earn his bachelor of science degree in aviation logistics from the University of North Texas, Carlos Nascimento must define—and write about—10 objectives pertinent to his three-month paid internship at Addison Airport. His internship started May 28, and in the first week of June he was still working on those objectives. Already exposed to innumerable aspects of airport operations and management, he’s been eagerly “drinking from a fire hose…I just love all the movement and activity on the airport that keep it working.”

As a youngster, he traveled often with his father, Joaquim, a pastor who started his service as a missionary. said Carlos. In the process, he fell “in love not only with travel but with everything that makes an airport work.” It wasn’t until “I was driving down 635 one day and saw the University of North Texas billboard announcing that its new aviation logistics program was about to take flight” that he discovered the portal to his airport passion. Now 35 years old, he’d completed many of his general education classes at Brookhaven Community College and held several long-term, full-time positions, but none of them offered the future he saw in aviation.

Itemizing the many benefits of the UNT aviation logistics program, frequent interaction with industry professionals in the DFW metroplex took several different forms. One of the first students to enroll in the program, Carlos helped form a campus chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives. Addison Airport Director Joel Jenkinson is the chapter’s AAAE liaison. “That’s how I learned about the internship here,” and how it gives students practical hands-on application of everything they have learned in their classes.

“The internship at Addison Airport is highly sought after because there are so many things going on here,” said Carlos. The construction on Taxiway Alpha and the Kaboom Town festival were on the top of his list. His most surprising discovery to date is the business side of airport operations, such as real estate leases and tenant relations. “The management team here his fantastic,” he said, and they eagerly share their knowledge and answer his questions. With his eyes wide open and focused, he’s making the most of every opportunity to learn more about airport management. If all goes according the schedule, Carlos will graduate on August 10, and he’s looking for an airport position, “here if possible.”